Destined for failure

So, the sizeable mountain of work I have is still ever present..oops. it’s a gorgeous day so I decided to take it all outside into the garden, the change of environment can only be a good thing, yes?

Well. . No. Work set up, all nice and ready. I decided to go in and have lunch first. I came back to half chewed paper all over the floor and a completely shady looking dog with a completely pink face from the highlighter he had half eaten.

Fuck sake dogs.

Pre-dog attack. . .



If just for one minute . .

. .I could get some work done, if I didn’t have to stop interrupting my younger dog attempting to hump my very worried older dog in the back garden.

. .I could have some silence, if they would not persistently play fight on their hind legs. Honestly the neighbours must think I am keeping a couple of actual bears.

I don’t exaggerate on these points. I have had to stop writing this very post three times to open the back door and shout at the younger dog, in a quiet but authoritative voice (so the neighbours don’t hear but he still gets the gist) “beamish stop humping your brother!!) Whilst my soft as anything labrador looks at me with wide eyes that scream “For god sake woman. Please.”

And Beamish knows precisely what he is doing, because each time I open the door he jumps, four-paws-on-the-ground, and gives me his rabbit caught in the headlights look.

I do love my animals.