Well hello again 🙂

I will skip the usual “sorry I have neglected you blog, etc etc etc”, and go straight to what is on my mind, k? k.

Am I the only one (I’m sure I am not. . please let me not be) that is utterly useless at maintaining a hobby. I think it is sadly safe to say, that this blog is the most consistent hobby I have ever had. . I say this in the full knowledge that I often disappear from the blogesphere, and when I do return, it is usually useless shit like this that I choose to splurge out.

I have been through the various phases of hobby; guitar, drums at one very distant point, exercise (lol), cycling – although to be fair I still am really keen to get involved in. But I refuse to own any type of bike that isn’t one with a little basket and a bell, and they are pricey. . what else, hmm. . oh yes, jewellery making, that was a thing once. Basically long story short, I have spent quite a decent amount of my money (and parents money in the younger years) over my life span on various interests that sooner or later, usually sooner, gather dust in a corner. My £££’s worth of jewellery making material hasn’t seen the light of day in a good few years!

My point? Well, I have spent the past hour searching Ebay for a ukelele and I sense one of these phases on the horizon. But this time, before I go buying, I want to find out how normal people with will power take up a new hobby, and then stick to it for a respected amount of time, enough for them then to be able to say, “Yes, I used to play the guitar” . . as at the minute, other than blogging, there really isn’t anything I can say that I “used” to do.

As usual WordPress, I am looking to you for advice =]

In other news, I have taken to the bedroom for my Saturday night, and I’m about to snuggle down watching Sweeney Todd! . . Is bed a hobby? I can definitely profess that,

“Yes, I often spend my free time in bed”


Home Alone

So I have the next week alone starting from now and apart from the odd shift at the pub I have nothing to do, nobody to see and two very boisterous dogs to look after.  So to prevent the impending madness that is surely coming my way I am trying to plan ahead so that the loneliness doesn’t consume me. It’s got me thinking about those teenage horror films where a scantily clad girl will be ordering herself a pizza and making popcorn about to watch a movie alone. . and I am wondering, is this a real thing people do?? Can I even order a pizza for one person without having to add another £5 worth of food on so that I meet the delivery price. . .


Asking for suggestions because I don’t want to die of boredom this week. . I may even attempt the pizza delivery, see what happens!!! Kind of feels lame buying a pizza for myself…a bit like going to the cinema alone. . hmm 

I got a win!!!

So I went for a job interview for a carer job yesterday and got a phone call today offering me the job =D 


I am so ready for this something new!!! I cannot wait to start it now!

. . .Wondering how I will cope being taken off my comfortable tv routine so cold turkey though. . I need weening off my daytime television schedule slowly. . oh come dine with me, how I will miss you!


YAY! 🙂 


We have a new toilet seat at home.

This is the highlight of my week. . . 


I think that sums up my current state of affairs so much better than any large post could. 

I stress again how desperately I need a job, any job. Please. . .I am literally going out of my mind with boredom now. 


. . The worst part about it all is the toilet seat is extremely uncomfortable.

You know it is bad when Jeremy Kyle is what I use for motivation!!

So I have spent the day applying for numerous different jobs and updating every job site known to man, rewriting and re-editing CV’s and Cover Letters. . and I am losing the will to live!!

It has gotten to the point where I have had the whole 4 hours of daytime Jeremy Kyle on in the background in order to keep myself motivated, because let’s face it- Nothing propels one into an application frenzy quite like a jobless, toothless Jezza guest!

But yes, I do feel like slowly my soul is deteriorating and I am wondering if I will ever get somewhere better than the pub I currently work in!!!


Somebody hire me? Or alternatively tell me your inspiring job success stories because I need some real motivation, preferably some that doesn’t need a lie detecter test!



Postgraduate Life. . Talk to me people!!

So I have been an official graduate for about a month maybe less than? And I have applied for so many jobs, and had a reasonable amount of luck, having been accepted on to two teaching agencies to become a cover supervisor this coming September. . but that is if and when they need me work, and I need some now work!

. . . So as many of my fellow graduates I have been trawling through the jobs that nobody wants and applying for near enough anything I can find that pays more than the one I work at now. . and it is soul destroying!! 

So what I am asking is for you all to tell me what you did/what you are currently doing after you graduated? I need inspiration! OR just to know I am not the only one bored out of their mind after a month of “adulthood”


Cabin fever

During my months of self pity and wallowing I have become an expert in television, pyjamas, eating and weeping.

I have finally reached the stage in the past week or so of restless cabin fever. There really is only so much Dickinson’s Real Deal one can watch before wanting to pry her eyes out with spoons.

I find myself in that emotional limbo where Im bored but no amount of helpful suggestions can relieve me of my restlessness. 

The only other place I can visit that really gets me out of the house is Preston, where I go to university, hardly a retreat for fun and frolics. 

I need to get in to reading again, a good book to live vicariously through. 

Suggestions most welcome!