Outer body experience

So I have been making up for my own sheer laziness in the past 24 hours, and that has ultimately resulted in the demise of any sleep. I did go to bed at midnight with the best intentions, but the pressure of deadlines that I have put on myself has inhabited my brain and so I couldn’t switch off.

So now, I’m sulkily nursing a flask of coffee that is too hot to drink, and I’m trying in vain to reap some kind of vapor benefits. And working at my desk, by working I of course mean writing this. .an act that will bring me no closer to finishing my work, and is only exhausting what remains of my brain power.

Have you ever felt so tired that you feel only half present in everything you do?

Oh well, I won’t learn from this, expect a string of similar posts next week 🙂


Weekend “working” from home. .

So it has been no secret that this week I have been working from my house at a new job. Or should I say I have been struggling to work from home.

This last week has felt like being back at university, where everything else is the most appealing task. I now have a pristine bedroom, and have lost a shocking amount of money via Amazon. Curse you online shopping.

So I thought I could make someone else feel good about their achievements this weekend by sharing a few pictures of my lack of them. You’ll notice the the general theme of anything-other-than-workness.. 🙂












Slowly deteriorating and morning moans.

Its just gone 8am and I am sat in the library at uni, trying desperately not to make any sudden head movements. I have that inside of the ear pain that is like someone is puncturing my ear drum with a toothpick, moving makes it worse.

I wanted to wake myself up with a coffee, or I would have settled for a cold drink. But of course neither vending machine in this piss poor excuse for a “hi tech” library works. And I wanted that Ribena so much!

Posters plastered everywhere declaring the need to be quiet in the library, so why is there a cleaner literally hoovering around the desk I am sat at? I hope she sees this, as she is close enough to be able to read it over my shoulder. .  Yes, you, fuck off.

Its also Islam week?? Apparently. . .  SO happy Muslim Week!!!!

I am grumpy, in pain, tired and in no mood for the rest of the day.



Procrastinating like a mother

Deadline in roughly two days. Safe to say I am the worst person ever. I need to write some words, any words will do. So this is my way of releasing the flow of writing, clever procrastination I would say! 

I got up this morning with such productive plans, I had breakfast and motivational coffee! Motivational coffee for God sake?! . . .  Then I started watching Youtube videos which have unfairly taken over my life. It is almost 2pm now and I am crawling slowly to beginning my assignment. Very, very slowly.

Its only 1000 words so how hard can it be? Well given the outrageous requirements the answer would be very goddamn hard! A summative essay is bad enough as it is, I have never done one before and imagine it to be quite a challenge! But to have the generous choice of three questions would seemingly act as a safety net. No, these three questions are vague, absolutely stupid requests!

I think I will have dinner and THEN the work will really come easy? I still have another 1-2 days to do this so not at full panic boiling point yet! However, I do have my driving test on the same day as the deadline, so hurrah, that should be fun !  :X