I got a win!!!

So I went for a job interview for a carer job yesterday and got a phone call today offering me the job =D 


I am so ready for this something new!!! I cannot wait to start it now!

. . .Wondering how I will cope being taken off my comfortable tv routine so cold turkey though. . I need weening off my daytime television schedule slowly. . oh come dine with me, how I will miss you!


YAY! 🙂 


You know it is bad when Jeremy Kyle is what I use for motivation!!

So I have spent the day applying for numerous different jobs and updating every job site known to man, rewriting and re-editing CV’s and Cover Letters. . and I am losing the will to live!!

It has gotten to the point where I have had the whole 4 hours of daytime Jeremy Kyle on in the background in order to keep myself motivated, because let’s face it- Nothing propels one into an application frenzy quite like a jobless, toothless Jezza guest!

But yes, I do feel like slowly my soul is deteriorating and I am wondering if I will ever get somewhere better than the pub I currently work in!!!


Somebody hire me? Or alternatively tell me your inspiring job success stories because I need some real motivation, preferably some that doesn’t need a lie detecter test!



Cabin fever

During my months of self pity and wallowing I have become an expert in television, pyjamas, eating and weeping.

I have finally reached the stage in the past week or so of restless cabin fever. There really is only so much Dickinson’s Real Deal one can watch before wanting to pry her eyes out with spoons.

I find myself in that emotional limbo where Im bored but no amount of helpful suggestions can relieve me of my restlessness. 

The only other place I can visit that really gets me out of the house is Preston, where I go to university, hardly a retreat for fun and frolics. 

I need to get in to reading again, a good book to live vicariously through. 

Suggestions most welcome!