Weekend “working” from home. .

So it has been no secret that this week I have been working from my house at a new job. Or should I say I have been struggling to work from home.

This last week has felt like being back at university, where everything else is the most appealing task. I now have a pristine bedroom, and have lost a shocking amount of money via Amazon. Curse you online shopping.

So I thought I could make someone else feel good about their achievements this weekend by sharing a few pictures of my lack of them. You’ll notice the the general theme of anything-other-than-workness.. 🙂













“I’m no good at anything. Not men. Not social skills. Not work. Nothing.”

So yesterday was an epic fail on my part. Come 6 o’clock I had a large glass of rose and the instant wave of happiness from that first cold sip was the decider that I am only a few public fuck ups away from being a 23 year old Bridget Jones.

I have had a slow start today, an undeserved lie-in. .a leisurely shower and well, I still haven’t done any work and its almost 2 pm. But. .there is still time for that! I have recently discovered the app ‘Evernote’, and whilst I think I may be incredibly slow to the table, I still am enjoying using it! I am one of those who gets so much joy from the planning, the list making. . highlighting, my god I love highlighting. It’s the task that I have spent three hours planning that I can’t be arsed taking on!

So with that reality looming, and taking on board that yesterday I did sweet FA. . I am going to make sure that today I definitely achieve at least two of things things off my latest Evernote list!

Right after food. . can’t think without food, so its all part of the task. . =)

Every Cloud (:

So I haven’t written in a few days and someone actually messaged me to enquire as to my whereabouts so I feel like I should make a return =)

No major reason for not saying much, mostly just through lack of things to say/being busy. 

I had finished one assignment and done about 5,500 words of my dissertation last week so the stuff I did write on here was far from enthralling anyway, so it seemed the kindest thing to do to not bother at all!

Anyway, I went to my friend’s 21st on Saturday night, me and my friend walked in to something that resembled the Pheonix Club (You know, Brian Potter!), the drinks where incredibly overpriced and being surrounded by chavs/extremely arrogant females it was only natural we needed to get drunk if we wished to stay! . . . Two bottles of wine and a double vodka and coke later, the party wasn’t so dreadful!

During the alcohol consumption me and Andrea, my oldest and bestest friend, had a rather lengthy heart to heart about all my “woe is me” moments and we revelled in the fact that all my bad shit from the past few months has led us to being much closer. 

I guess I feel much happier now after realising that, even though I still feel sad all the time, and lonely a lot of the time. I know really that Im not, and if nothing else I shall always have her 

Anyway, enough of that. 


Checking in. . 08/07/2012

Okay okay so I haven’t even managed to do a blog every other day, but here we are so let’s crack on. So what have I been up too since last time? Well I have not done a lot of reading! Shame on me for that. . and nor have I give my looming dissertation any further thought . . so educationally wise I have not done myself justice at all this week!

Spending money? Yeah, another thing I said I wouldn’t do but have yet to stop doing. It was my friends Hen do last night which is a guaranteed money squeezer of an occasion and I threw away a good ÂŁ40 on drink, taxis and much needed take away food. So well done Fiona, I am letting not just myself down, but all the blogees I keep making empty promises too. .

What have I learnt? I have learnt to make more attainable goals. So today’s is to get through another 100 pages of 50 Shades Freed as I would like to move on from this trilogy before the end of next week! I think another thing I need to start remembering is that people, will not always treat you the way you treat them, and to stop letting that kind of thing bother me so much. I guess it is always disappointing when somebody reveals themselves to be less loyal than you thought them to be, but I guess that says more about them than me so hey ho!

New goal. . . I want to save up. . . *deep breath* for a kindle!! I THINK. It is paining me to admit this now after all my arguments against them, but ever since beginning the 50 Shades trilogy I have found a great desire to be holding a kindle! That probably says a lot about my sillyness as it is only a book but I think I would have been able to read it outside of my bedroom if I could disguise it as something more innocent!, and therefore be done with it by now! Also, I am not sure if I am ready to stop buying books, but do I have the space for any more?? They currently surround my bed and I don’t want them to be damaged, so maybe a kindle is for the greater good?!

What do we think guys? Kindle? Bookshelf? Stop buying books that I can’t accommodate?