Having a bash at it.

Being drunk and blogging is something I am yet to do. How hard can it be to achieve a semi-decent post after a few bottles of vino? We will soon see..

Struggle #1: The effort of constantly deleting all my spelling errors. . .They are coming in thick and fast!

. . So I’m at my friends house having a casual drink, it has been SUCH a good day for sun, which in the UK is certainly something to celebrate. So I have done so by coming here and lounging in the garden with copious amounts of wine and aimless chatter.

Looking at the situation now, it’s 3am and I am secluding myself by writing this, nursing a gin and coke, and dreading the day ahead and all the work I am yet to do! I’m dubious about how much sense this makes to be honest, I feel like I should quit whilst I’m ahead..or just quit!

Jesus Christ. I am 23 and procrastinating work by drinking gin and wine.

Acceptable…or not?


Every Cloud (:

So I haven’t written in a few days and someone actually messaged me to enquire as to my whereabouts so I feel like I should make a return =)

No major reason for not saying much, mostly just through lack of things to say/being busy. 

I had finished one assignment and done about 5,500 words of my dissertation last week so the stuff I did write on here was far from enthralling anyway, so it seemed the kindest thing to do to not bother at all!

Anyway, I went to my friend’s 21st on Saturday night, me and my friend walked in to something that resembled the Pheonix Club (You know, Brian Potter!), the drinks where incredibly overpriced and being surrounded by chavs/extremely arrogant females it was only natural we needed to get drunk if we wished to stay! . . . Two bottles of wine and a double vodka and coke later, the party wasn’t so dreadful!

During the alcohol consumption me and Andrea, my oldest and bestest friend, had a rather lengthy heart to heart about all my “woe is me” moments and we revelled in the fact that all my bad shit from the past few months has led us to being much closer. 

I guess I feel much happier now after realising that, even though I still feel sad all the time, and lonely a lot of the time. I know really that Im not, and if nothing else I shall always have her 

Anyway, enough of that.