I did it !!

Well, I finally went for that run that I have been threatening myself with for the past, oh I don’t know. . three years.

Granted, it was 3 quarters fast paced walking, but I did go and I did do some running. . and I am proud of myself!!:) 

30 minutes exercise is better than none right? 

Aiming for more tomorrow!!! 



I am incredibly hungover today, having my best friend home from the Navy for 2 weeks is taking its toll on my liver. Can’t deny that dancing around the kitchen to Madness until the early hours wasn’t the unwinding I needed though! . . It has taken a good 5 minutes for me to write this much. . but Im hoping I can start the road to productivity by writing a blog post. My head doesn’t appreciate the effort.


. . it is now about 30 minutes later and I have literally been staring at the screen absolutely zombified. I had high hopes that I could begin my exercise today, that perhaps the hangover would drive me through a run without me realising quite what was happening. .but as I seem incapable of writing I doubt any running will be possible.


Mmm, I have so many things I need to do. None of which include the bath I am about to run and nap in 🙂 

Guess whose back. . back again . . .

For those who missed me presence (Seb) Im back for now. . fearing the lack of decent content combined with the sheer embarrassment that other humans will read my attempts at writing kept me away, but I have been reading through people’s blogs and forgot how much I loved it here. So we are calling it Rebelliousreading 2.0 I guess!!


I no longer do care work, and all the English tuition work led me to what at one time was a dream job in teaching! It’s part-time and a lot of responsibility, but I love my classes, I guess the cocky teenager phase is cuter than one would assume!

I also have a new addition to the family! Poppy! She is a boxer/bull dog cross and is simply mental. But a delight to have around, possibly the happiest little dog ever









Other than those things my life is pretty similar, I am still wanting to get thin and fit and I am still neither. I still want to start running, and even purchased the pretty outfit and accessories. (The sweat pants are now my go to pj bottoms!) Anddd I am pretty much still looking for my dream career, whatever that is.

Sooo, kind of rushed through this because I figured if I stopped and assessed I would definitely delete!

🙂 Apologies and well done if you made it to this point!


Glass half full.

Well I never did go for that run, nor have I eaten at all healthily today! 

(Is pizza and costco danish healthy??)

I have done myself proud within the realms of uni work though!! I started and completed my screenplay today so that is one thing off the list of crap I need to do! 


I had planned to get much more done today but, fuck it. Got to start somewhere and Im pretty proud that the screenplay got done in one day, because God knows it wasnt easy! (Thank you Dan for helping me!!!) 

I mite still be a eating my own weight in shit but at least im eating my own weight in shit and getting smarter! Or at least that is the hope. . .

Thank you for the exercise tips for those who gave them 🙂 I promise your suggestions WILL be put in to practice. . .eventually!


Getting back on the horse.. as it where.

Okay so I’m planning on going for my first run in months this evening. The race for life aside, my running history is both pitiful and almost non existent.. so much so that the last run I went on in my local area caused me to stop before I had even made a full mile.

So, any tips on running/exercise in general for someone who can’t run a bath?

Can hardly wait….

Welcome to Hell.

Okay, so decided that enough was enough and if I wanted, I mean really wanted, to lose weight I had to get active. I am the first to admit that I am so unfit, despite not being massive in size I never do exercise apart from walking my dogs, which is nothing compared to running or bike riding.

I knew it would be hard work, but my boyfriend and my best friend are both so in to their fitness, especially biking so when I heard that she had a spare bicycle for FREE, well it seemed like the perfect opportunity to finally get myself out there!

. . . 

That was Monday, two days on and I am cramping up on the couch in pj’s with calloused hands and jellied thighs. But it has been fun! Mostly. . I could probably go without the constant ribbing from my trainers but I am actually proud that I am doing something finally!

Worries: I know that the pain in my thighs will get so much worse tomorrow, and I don’t know how to remain exercising whilst they are so sore?! I have been advised to do some stretches so once I have written this I will try that but I sense this pain isn’t going anytime soon!

Any fitness tips or advice would be so very welcome and kindly cherished,

Yours, a very sore, very pathetic fitness newby.