Things I have done today to ensure no university work is achieved.

1. Clean my back garden (you dog lovers will know what this means, and by extension will know how undesirable it is, so by further extension will know how desperate not to do this dissertation I am)

2. Watch hours of pointless youtube videos

3. Eaten

4. Refreshed me emails and Reader page countless times.


There must be other university folk on the WordPressSphere that can pass me some inspirational motivational wisdom. . .please?


Blowing Off Steam..

Due to the pure incapability of my university it is now the Monday of year 3 and I don’t know my timetable. For all I know, as I sit now in my giraffe pajamas typing this and watching Jeremy Kyle I could be missing an interesting lecture on Dickens.  .   . But then again it is the first day back so, you know, probably not. It is a well known fact that the first day and the last day of a school year involves nothing but informal chitchat.

But even with this in mind, it hasn’t helped the stress I am feeling not knowing what my timetable is, or even if the modules I chose are running. What happened to good old fashioned paper timetables? Why does it all have to be online for God sake!

. . .

Hoping rambling here will make me feel a bit less ready to kill them all, and a bit more like ‘its ok I will sort it tomorrow’ which was the advice given to me by my practically horizontal, he’s so laid back, boyfriend.

On a good note, I do know ONE module I am taking, so if all else fails today I can start reading things for that, starting with Dracula by Bram Stoker! I am looking forward to the Gothic Lit module so much!

TaTa for now