Weekend “working” from home. .

So it has been no secret that this week I have been working from my house at a new job. Or should I say I have been struggling to work from home.

This last week has felt like being back at university, where everything else is the most appealing task. I now have a pristine bedroom, and have lost a shocking amount of money via Amazon. Curse you online shopping.

So I thought I could make someone else feel good about their achievements this weekend by sharing a few pictures of my lack of them. You’ll notice the the general theme of anything-other-than-workness.. 🙂













“I’m no good at anything. Not men. Not social skills. Not work. Nothing.”

So yesterday was an epic fail on my part. Come 6 o’clock I had a large glass of rose and the instant wave of happiness from that first cold sip was the decider that I am only a few public fuck ups away from being a 23 year old Bridget Jones.

I have had a slow start today, an undeserved lie-in. .a leisurely shower and well, I still haven’t done any work and its almost 2 pm. But. .there is still time for that! I have recently discovered the app ‘Evernote’, and whilst I think I may be incredibly slow to the table, I still am enjoying using it! I am one of those who gets so much joy from the planning, the list making. . highlighting, my god I love highlighting. It’s the task that I have spent three hours planning that I can’t be arsed taking on!

So with that reality looming, and taking on board that yesterday I did sweet FA. . I am going to make sure that today I definitely achieve at least two of things things off my latest Evernote list!

Right after food. . can’t think without food, so its all part of the task. . =)

Things I have done today to ensure no university work is achieved.

1. Clean my back garden (you dog lovers will know what this means, and by extension will know how undesirable it is, so by further extension will know how desperate not to do this dissertation I am)

2. Watch hours of pointless youtube videos

3. Eaten

4. Refreshed me emails and Reader page countless times.


There must be other university folk on the WordPressSphere that can pass me some inspirational motivational wisdom. . .please?

Why oh why

The time to complete a good dissertation is running very low and I literally can’t make myself work. I know what needs to be done, yet procrastination win, even at this stage where it is imperative that I do actually do work.  My laziness has gotten so bad that I couldn’t even be bothered to type this, but then procrastination from my dissertation caused me to see blogging in a whole new light!


I think Im broke.

Procrastinating like a mother

Deadline in roughly two days. Safe to say I am the worst person ever. I need to write some words, any words will do. So this is my way of releasing the flow of writing, clever procrastination I would say! 

I got up this morning with such productive plans, I had breakfast and motivational coffee! Motivational coffee for God sake?! . . .  Then I started watching Youtube videos which have unfairly taken over my life. It is almost 2pm now and I am crawling slowly to beginning my assignment. Very, very slowly.

Its only 1000 words so how hard can it be? Well given the outrageous requirements the answer would be very goddamn hard! A summative essay is bad enough as it is, I have never done one before and imagine it to be quite a challenge! But to have the generous choice of three questions would seemingly act as a safety net. No, these three questions are vague, absolutely stupid requests!

I think I will have dinner and THEN the work will really come easy? I still have another 1-2 days to do this so not at full panic boiling point yet! However, I do have my driving test on the same day as the deadline, so hurrah, that should be fun !  :X