I am incredibly hungover today, having my best friend home from the Navy for 2 weeks is taking its toll on my liver. Can’t deny that dancing around the kitchen to Madness until the early hours wasn’t the unwinding I needed though! . . It has taken a good 5 minutes for me to write this much. . but Im hoping I can start the road to productivity by writing a blog post. My head doesn’t appreciate the effort.


. . it is now about 30 minutes later and I have literally been staring at the screen absolutely zombified. I had high hopes that I could begin my exercise today, that perhaps the hangover would drive me through a run without me realising quite what was happening. .but as I seem incapable of writing I doubt any running will be possible.


Mmm, I have so many things I need to do. None of which include the bath I am about to run and nap in 🙂 



The idea of trust has been a recurring thing in my life recently. Trust between two people in a relationship, trust between friends, trusting in myself, or as is the case, lack of. 

I think when someone makes a mistake, and breaks a persons trust it is also often the case that you can also break your own trust in yourself. And even long after the person you hurt has forgiven you, well, you can just be stuck doubting yourself all of the time. 


Or is this just me? 

Yeah okay just me. 

After much research it transpires that the best way to love and trust yourself is to really “find” yourself..whatever that means. . I don’t know, the touchy feely spiritual stuff isn’t something I am well versed in. However, I am extremely willing to try. . So how does one really get to know themselves? Self reflection and time spent just for myself, reading, having a bath. . baking?

I don’t know. Suggestion Jar Is well and truly present here! 


When it rains, it pours.

It’s a fairly recognised thing that some days can start of incredible, and slowly, or sometimes not so slowly turn into one of the worst days. However recognised, it doesn’t fail to leave one wondering what the actual fuck went on in such a short period of time.


I’d say today was very much one of those days, and as I sit on my yet-to-be-made bed, incredibly drained and fed up I am wondering if tomorrow could possibly offer anything upwards of shit. Why am I sat in an unmade bed? Because my dog ran in to the house, happy as could be after much too recently doing his buisness, slipped upstairs, and jumped full force onto my bed, thus leaving fresh shit prints all over it. Can’t be too angry, bad timing on the dogs part, and he was just excited to see me. . .It didn’t fail to make me literally break down in tears though. . . thinking that may have been the tip of the emotional iceberg for one day.


Tips for relaxation are much welcome.