Outer body experience

So I have been making up for my own sheer laziness in the past 24 hours, and that has ultimately resulted in the demise of any sleep. I did go to bed at midnight with the best intentions, but the pressure of deadlines that I have put on myself has inhabited my brain and so I couldn’t switch off.

So now, I’m sulkily nursing a flask of coffee that is too hot to drink, and I’m trying in vain to reap some kind of vapor benefits. And working at my desk, by working I of course mean writing this. .an act that will bring me no closer to finishing my work, and is only exhausting what remains of my brain power.

Have you ever felt so tired that you feel only half present in everything you do?

Oh well, I won’t learn from this, expect a string of similar posts next week 🙂


Still not really getting better??

Well it has been over a week since he last spoke to me and I dont feel any better for it. I have managed to stop papping on to people about how sad I feel pretty much, but i still spend my alone time being weepy and pathetic. 

My sleeping is still pretty non-existant so all the plans I make for myself for the next day are out the window because Im too tired to do any of it. 

I just want to be happy now, its been months and Im fed up of being fed up. 

Graduation in a few months! So that means dissertation deadline even sooner- Great timing.