Well hello again 🙂

I will skip the usual “sorry I have neglected you blog, etc etc etc”, and go straight to what is on my mind, k? k.

Am I the only one (I’m sure I am not. . please let me not be) that is utterly useless at maintaining a hobby. I think it is sadly safe to say, that this blog is the most consistent hobby I have ever had. . I say this in the full knowledge that I often disappear from the blogesphere, and when I do return, it is usually useless shit like this that I choose to splurge out.

I have been through the various phases of hobby; guitar, drums at one very distant point, exercise (lol), cycling – although to be fair I still am really keen to get involved in. But I refuse to own any type of bike that isn’t one with a little basket and a bell, and they are pricey. . what else, hmm. . oh yes, jewellery making, that was a thing once. Basically long story short, I have spent quite a decent amount of my money (and parents money in the younger years) over my life span on various interests that sooner or later, usually sooner, gather dust in a corner. My £££’s worth of jewellery making material hasn’t seen the light of day in a good few years!

My point? Well, I have spent the past hour searching Ebay for a ukelele and I sense one of these phases on the horizon. But this time, before I go buying, I want to find out how normal people with will power take up a new hobby, and then stick to it for a respected amount of time, enough for them then to be able to say, “Yes, I used to play the guitar” . . as at the minute, other than blogging, there really isn’t anything I can say that I “used” to do.

As usual WordPress, I am looking to you for advice =]

In other news, I have taken to the bedroom for my Saturday night, and I’m about to snuggle down watching Sweeney Todd! . . Is bed a hobby? I can definitely profess that,

“Yes, I often spend my free time in bed”


Uninspired. 1/07/2012

I am actually missing university!

I am sure I’m not the only person who is? I have my friends, and my boyfriend and my job, but i miss being educated!! I feel like my brain is melting and all I can do is read books to try and engage myself. So naturally 50 Shades of Grey is not the most engaging and thought provoking piece of literature, but that is what I am reading at the moment. I have a massive list of books at my disposal that will be read before I start back at uni, but it isn’t enough anymore. Shocking as that is for me, I need something new in my life.

Spending money is not a valuable use of my time, however the bargains of ebay draw me in day after day. . sadly I have become reliant on that website for entertainment and that simply wont do! So in order to rectify this I am considering the options, and something artsy like drawing or painting, (neither of which I am any good at) seems to appear time and time again in my head. So I think that is my new flavour of the month

Additionally to this I have purchased yet another book, two to be precise- but this time they are of purely educational purposes. So in order to put them to good use (so far they have gathered dust on my bedroom floor) I am going to try and blog every day this month, because let’s face it, with all of the forces against me, (melting brain due to lack of education/lazyness/talentlessness ((words like talentlessness are what I hope to eradicate from my vocabulary))) there isn’t a lot of hope for me if I start getting lax with writing. And practice makes perfect. . . or so I hear.