Destined for failure

So, the sizeable mountain of work I have is still ever present..oops. it’s a gorgeous day so I decided to take it all outside into the garden, the change of environment can only be a good thing, yes?

Well. . No. Work set up, all nice and ready. I decided to go in and have lunch first. I came back to half chewed paper all over the floor and a completely shady looking dog with a completely pink face from the highlighter he had half eaten.

Fuck sake dogs.

Pre-dog attack. . .



Oh how I hate you, let me count the ways. .

Travelling is not my friend!

Not helped by the fact that it’s a billion degrees at the moment I just get so stressed and sweaty and flustered it becomes a much bigger issue than it really ever meant to be.

I am currently on such a journey from southam back to the north. It only requires two pretty simple changes but this is only my second time and during the first one I got lost between these simple changes and had to be picked up. . . . So safe to say my second go has been full of anxiety and sweaty worries.

Howeverrrr…. I bring you this post from the comfort of the last train I need to be on! And it has air conditioning! Score.

Not sure how much of a fan I am of Birmingham though, given the stress I was feeling there are just far to many equally sweaty bodies to squeeze past.


Changing my ‘blog every day in July’ promise to a ‘blog every other day in July. .

Yes it is only the 3rd and I have already failed at my small task of blogging every day, but it is for the greater good, my life just isn’t enthralling enough to constitute me writing every day. Don’t get me wrong, I gave this decission a lot of thought, but yesterday’s blog would have consisted of ‘Today I read 50 Shades of Grey and mooned over how I wish my boyfriend was more romantic. I made toast. The End.’ So this is for the best, I promise. 

The small amount of people who do follow my blog should all head over to my beautiful friend Helen’s new blog and show some ‘New blogger’ support,, she is fabulous! 

So what else can I say? I have finished the second 50 Shades book and I have to say it was much better than the first! Much more action packed and filled with tensions of the non-sexual kind. . the ending is fab! My wonderful boyfriend has gotten me the three Hunger Games books so I have those to add to my list of “summer” (rain in July!!!) reads. 

Unfortunately the rest of my day promises to be bleak, I have to take the puppy to the vets for a check-up and then I have work all night. So as you can see, tomorrow probably wont bring you a blog, because any events that could take place between now and then are very unlikely to be much of a growth from me eating toast and reading again.


One somewhat disappointing read and another surprisingly touching one.

Okay so I mentioned in my last post that I planned to read various books over the summer and listed the ones that I had in mind. So far things haven’t gone exactly to plan with those but in light of the books I have read I feel a new post was necessary.

First of all I will get the ‘somewhat disappointing’ book out of the way- this is one that I had really loved when I started it but it became decreasingly enjoyable and more of a chore to read than a pleasure. Unfortunately George Orwell’s The Road To Wigan Pier, did not keep my attention as I expected and I am ashamed to say I couldn’t even finish it, which is something I never do! This book started off very raw and Orwell’s descriptions where so good that it kept me enthralled for the first half, but gradually he included more and more pages of statistics which ultimately resulted in all the emotion I once had for what he was saying to diminish and the picture he had painted disappeared entirely. I would say that my biggest reason for not finishing this book was that I didn’t want it to give put me off reading any other book by Orwell, and as The Road To Wigan Pier was the first book by him I had read I know how easily and quickly assumptions can be made. Although the book was disappointing, his writing was not so I look forward to the next book of his that I read.

But moving on, there is a book that surprised me and that was Abandoned by Anya Peters. Now this wasn’t on the list that I put on my ‘Bucket List’ post but I have been meaning to read it for months now after a friend recommended it so much I ended up borrowing it off her. T

his is one of those inspirational but heart breaking real life stories written by the person themselves. I won’t give too much away, but this book was probably the most thought provoking one i have ever read, and whilst it didn’t bring me to tears as very little does, it did bring out a reaction in me that was unexpected when I picked it up. Anya Peters has her own blog in fact, which was the very thing that saved her in the end, so I thought it was very apt to mention it on here and a link to her blog will be included below. I definitely recommend this book, its well written, inspirational, thought provoking and more than anything else an absolutely addictive read, one in which I finished in two days, baring in mind its about 400 pages long.


Anya Peters blog:


I have also managed to complete the first Discworld book, The Colour Of Magic and this took me a long time to get through, mainly due to other responsibilities, but also because I just found it to be a bit difficult to read. However, once finished I did realize that I enjoyed it, especially the characters Death and Rincewind! But I am now a bit worried that I plan to do my whole dissertation on this series of books, or some of the ones out of it. So I have about 5 others purchased and ready to read, and I have high hopes for now.

Finally I am slowly making my way through Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice which is good, and humorous but is again slow moving, and a bit difficult to read for long sessions. I do like where the plot is going, and being one of the lucky few that hasn’t seen the film I am still totally clueless about what is coming, which is always a bonus!

Evidently I have read very little off the list I made up, but I have recently had a massive haul of new books and have been some what led astray. . I am sure I will be back here soon with lots to stay about completely unexpected books again, it is just so easy to get carried away!! 🙂

In other news: I need to build a book shelf!!!