Weekend “working” from home. .

So it has been no secret that this week I have been working from my house at a new job. Or should I say I have been struggling to work from home.

This last week has felt like being back at university, where everything else is the most appealing task. I now have a pristine bedroom, and have lost a shocking amount of money via Amazon. Curse you online shopping.

So I thought I could make someone else feel good about their achievements this weekend by sharing a few pictures of my lack of them. You’ll notice the the general theme of anything-other-than-workness.. 🙂













Having a bash at it.

Being drunk and blogging is something I am yet to do. How hard can it be to achieve a semi-decent post after a few bottles of vino? We will soon see..

Struggle #1: The effort of constantly deleting all my spelling errors. . .They are coming in thick and fast!

. . So I’m at my friends house having a casual drink, it has been SUCH a good day for sun, which in the UK is certainly something to celebrate. So I have done so by coming here and lounging in the garden with copious amounts of wine and aimless chatter.

Looking at the situation now, it’s 3am and I am secluding myself by writing this, nursing a gin and coke, and dreading the day ahead and all the work I am yet to do! I’m dubious about how much sense this makes to be honest, I feel like I should quit whilst I’m ahead..or just quit!

Jesus Christ. I am 23 and procrastinating work by drinking gin and wine.

Acceptable…or not?

Where have I been?!

Sorry, yet again I have let my blogging slide. . but I have been a bit of a busy bee this past week or so with Michael’s birthday and Wales and what not. But here I am to share my experience of glamping with you all!!

Pentre Mawr in Wales is an incredibly relaxing, beautiful place and I don’t even know where to begin with my recommendation of it! Whilst it was a very expensive long weekend it was worth every penny as me and Mike relaxed in our very own hot tub with a glass of wine in the sun! Yes, we had a personal hot tub for the weekend and it was bliss!

Glamping is quite in fashion I believe and I am so glad I decided to pay out for the experience! On arrival we were greeted with a glass of bucks fizz and the family dogs were nothing but welcoming as they lay at our feet. The people there are the most accommodating, friendly, lovely people and we wanted for nothing whilst we were there.  And what about our tent? Well that was beautiful, filled with African themed colours it really lived up to our expectations!

I can’t say we did a lot whilst there as neither of us drive, and it is a bit in the middle of nowhere. But this is by no means a complaint. I have never felt so relaxed in my life, and the sun came out for us which made it even more perfect!

You all must go! Trust me!! I will link it below 🙂 At least just have a look at how pretty everything is!


What else have I been up to? Well I went to Manchester for a girly day with my mum, we sipped cocktails in Harvey Nicks and did a bit of shopping for my boyfriend’s birthday meal this coming Saturday! All in all a relaxing day. And I have been reading of course! I am currently reading Trainspotting as I have finally finished the 50 shades trilogy!! I have to say that I found the books enjoyable and whilst I dont think it was the best thing since Mills & Boon, it was certainly entertaining enough. What can I say about Trainspotting? It is a slow read! It is written in Glaswegian and therefore I have to read it in that accent to fully understand it! But so far it is enjoyable. Plus it is the bright orange version so you know, what isn’t to like there!!

Ta for now