Game Time.

Hi dissertation, 

I will do you. . 


6 days and counting, let’s see what I can achieve.

Finding all the old school music to be quite the motivator. Busted 🙂 


Dissertation Blues and “productive” procrastinating. . .

gahhhh. Who thought it would be a good idea to give students 10,000 word dissertations alongside year three modules? Some sick sick person is who!!


I don’t even feel like I am doing anything worth being proud of because I am literally having to do this work now and I am clearly not doing such a good job because, well I am here aren’t I!

After this work today is done I feel like I could have a tiny celebratory dance before starting the next load of work. . just a small one? 

Starting to wonder now if I am cut out for the Masters I wanted to do after I graduated. Hmm.

Some kind blogger bring me supplies to get me through, thank you please.