Outer body experience

So I have been making up for my own sheer laziness in the past 24 hours, and that has ultimately resulted in the demise of any sleep. I did go to bed at midnight with the best intentions, but the pressure of deadlines that I have put on myself has inhabited my brain and so I couldn’t switch off.

So now, I’m sulkily nursing a flask of coffee that is too hot to drink, and I’m trying in vain to reap some kind of vapor benefits. And working at my desk, by working I of course mean writing this. .an act that will bring me no closer to finishing my work, and is only exhausting what remains of my brain power.

Have you ever felt so tired that you feel only half present in everything you do?

Oh well, I won’t learn from this, expect a string of similar posts next week 🙂


You know it is bad when Jeremy Kyle is what I use for motivation!!

So I have spent the day applying for numerous different jobs and updating every job site known to man, rewriting and re-editing CV’s and Cover Letters. . and I am losing the will to live!!

It has gotten to the point where I have had the whole 4 hours of daytime Jeremy Kyle on in the background in order to keep myself motivated, because let’s face it- Nothing propels one into an application frenzy quite like a jobless, toothless Jezza guest!

But yes, I do feel like slowly my soul is deteriorating and I am wondering if I will ever get somewhere better than the pub I currently work in!!!


Somebody hire me? Or alternatively tell me your inspiring job success stories because I need some real motivation, preferably some that doesn’t need a lie detecter test!



Dedication or Poor planning?

It is 11pm and I am in the university library. Probably not so uncommon for a third year but I don’t live in the same city as I study so I have travelled here knowing there is no place to run when I can no longer be arsed. Im here all night now.

Not sure if dedicated or stupid.

Probably the latter.

Sleepy already. .


Mystery Bees

So the weather here has slowly been improving, the sun is out, and we are no longer in the minuses. Im sure you know this because who am I kidding, there are always going to be those, excited ones, who are out topless in the beer garden the second there is the slightest ray of sunshine.

But anyway, with any “warm” weather I have come to accept there will be a new host of insects plaguing my bedroom for the coming months. But I wasnt prepared for it, not so soon in the year, not until yesterday morning the supersonic buzzing sounds interrupted my wallowing-in-self-pitty-in-bed-at-dinner-time session. . . Safe to say I actually said “Oh hell no” out loud and shot out of bed staring at the curtains in an attempt to decipher between a bee or a wasp. . or if I was lucky a giant blue bottle.

Alas, all I saw was the shadow of what seemed to be a fucking gargantuan bumblebee, but after about 5 minutes the buzzing ceased and as common sense would assume, I thought it had left by the window it arrived.

That was yesterday.

This morning at the earlier time of 8am I heard a slightly more pissed-off-than-before buzzing emerging from my window sill. . the window had been shut all night so the little shit has made a barricade in my room somewhere. .

I still havent seen it in the flesh. . maybe that is the next step?

Damn you mystery bee.