Destined for failure

So, the sizeable mountain of work I have is still ever present..oops. it’s a gorgeous day so I decided to take it all outside into the garden, the change of environment can only be a good thing, yes?

Well. . No. Work set up, all nice and ready. I decided to go in and have lunch first. I came back to half chewed paper all over the floor and a completely shady looking dog with a completely pink face from the highlighter he had half eaten.

Fuck sake dogs.

Pre-dog attack. . .



Didsbury Magic, and Complete Blogging Fail!

Okay so this is my second writing of this as I deleted the first one by mistake and sheer curiosity. . . must admit it is taking every ounce of strength and patience to re-write this,  but I have nobody to blame but myself for letting the curiosity of a button beat me.

Anyway, the main point here is to rave about the absolute wonder that is Didsbury in Manchester! I had low expectations for Didsbury despite constant rave reviews from my parents who spend at least 5 weekends a year at Didsbury House. My thinking was that it is next door to one of the well known roughest areas of Manchester, so I can’t say I was brimming with excitement!

How wrong I was, the place is a goldmine for ‘posh’ charity shops. What I mean by that is that in contrast to the charity shops where I live, where your lucky to find a picture book never mind a literary classic, the charity shops there had hundreds of amazing books that were all dirt cheap. The Oxfam Charity shop had me giddy and pathetic as I kept finding more and more books I needed and it ultimately resulted in me spending a lot of money on what I took to assume were the best purchases ever. 

The only down side to Didsbury was that unless charity shops, a co-operative and a small Boots is all you need in life, there wasn’t a great deal else to do but drink or eat. Being someone obsessed in make-up as much as reading I was sad to find that the only place they sold it was in the Boots that had a small section dedicated to drugstore make-up. However, I can’t say this upset me too much I still bought some items of make-up and was on a book high so not much else could bring me down. 

I think someone was playing Jumanji the day I decided to go to Didsbury as it was monsoon weather, despite the previous weeks being gloriously hot. Luckily, again, the charity shops made up for the weather entirely, and luckily they were all pretty much next door to each other so there was very little wandering in the rain done. 

Can’t deny now that my obsession in books and possibly also charity shops is a cause for concern. . .