Weekend “working” from home. .

So it has been no secret that this week I have been working from my house at a new job. Or should I say I have been struggling to work from home.

This last week has felt like being back at university, where everything else is the most appealing task. I now have a pristine bedroom, and have lost a shocking amount of money via Amazon. Curse you online shopping.

So I thought I could make someone else feel good about their achievements this weekend by sharing a few pictures of my lack of them. You’ll notice the the general theme of anything-other-than-workness.. 🙂













Destined for failure

So, the sizeable mountain of work I have is still ever present..oops. it’s a gorgeous day so I decided to take it all outside into the garden, the change of environment can only be a good thing, yes?

Well. . No. Work set up, all nice and ready. I decided to go in and have lunch first. I came back to half chewed paper all over the floor and a completely shady looking dog with a completely pink face from the highlighter he had half eaten.

Fuck sake dogs.

Pre-dog attack. . .


Im almost there!

So I have had this blog for about two years . . and for the majority of that time I haven’t been a frequent blogger, minimal effort has been dedicated to the cause. . . But whenever I do come back its because of reading other people’s posts, and just loving it. Then I will write one and find how much I enjoy it, even if I am not very good, or have nothing good to discuss.


The past week or so I have tried to write on here often and so far it has been a success! I find myself blathering on about nothing but I still find the process incredibly therapeutic 🙂 And so now, I’m almost at 100 followers!!  About 30 followers have emerged in the past two weeks and it makes the blogging all the more rewarding! 

2 more of you lovely bloggers away from 100 and Im incredibly happy 😀

Feeling proud

For the first time in a very, very long time I got on with some projects I had without getting distracted by things like Facebook and YouTube and WordPress and well, you get the idea. And what’s more of a step is that i didn’t let myself be beaten by a task I felt very unquallified to carry out. And Wellllll, it’s paid off:D I have just received feedback from the woman in charge saying my pieces looked great! So even if I don’t end up landing the job I’m still so proud of myself for a change!

🙂 lalalalala

Guess whose back. . back again . . .

For those who missed me presence (Seb) Im back for now. . fearing the lack of decent content combined with the sheer embarrassment that other humans will read my attempts at writing kept me away, but I have been reading through people’s blogs and forgot how much I loved it here. So we are calling it Rebelliousreading 2.0 I guess!!


I no longer do care work, and all the English tuition work led me to what at one time was a dream job in teaching! It’s part-time and a lot of responsibility, but I love my classes, I guess the cocky teenager phase is cuter than one would assume!

I also have a new addition to the family! Poppy! She is a boxer/bull dog cross and is simply mental. But a delight to have around, possibly the happiest little dog ever









Other than those things my life is pretty similar, I am still wanting to get thin and fit and I am still neither. I still want to start running, and even purchased the pretty outfit and accessories. (The sweat pants are now my go to pj bottoms!) Anddd I am pretty much still looking for my dream career, whatever that is.

Sooo, kind of rushed through this because I figured if I stopped and assessed I would definitely delete!

🙂 Apologies and well done if you made it to this point!


You know it is bad when Jeremy Kyle is what I use for motivation!!

So I have spent the day applying for numerous different jobs and updating every job site known to man, rewriting and re-editing CV’s and Cover Letters. . and I am losing the will to live!!

It has gotten to the point where I have had the whole 4 hours of daytime Jeremy Kyle on in the background in order to keep myself motivated, because let’s face it- Nothing propels one into an application frenzy quite like a jobless, toothless Jezza guest!

But yes, I do feel like slowly my soul is deteriorating and I am wondering if I will ever get somewhere better than the pub I currently work in!!!


Somebody hire me? Or alternatively tell me your inspiring job success stories because I need some real motivation, preferably some that doesn’t need a lie detecter test!